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Elegant high security portal with two curved glass sliding doors with one of the highest security levels available. The softly arched doors and glass portal offer a spacious and comfortable entrance for the user, while the integrated security systems ensure only authorized people can enter the building.

The Circlelock consists of two sliding doors, which are activated by an access control system. The doors open one after the other, creating an interlocking security portal and eliminating the need for third party surveillance. Allowing quick and smooth bi-directional traffic, the Circlelock can be found in areas where a high level of security has to be balanced with ease and speed of operation. Typical applications include IT and server rooms, banks, jewellers, airports and court buildings.

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Standard product features

Power supply:

200–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.


Aluminium profiles, laminated glass and horsehair weather strips around the edges. Also available with vandalism (P4A), burglary (P6B) or bullet resistant (BR2NS / BR4NS) glass; contact manufacturer for more information.

Rubber mat:

In Circlelocks where a contact mat or weight system security is to be installed, a black rubber floor mat is provided with the door.

Standard safety features:

  • Active rubber safety buffers are mounted on the end stiles of the sliding doors to prevent users from getting trapped between the door and the curved wall (SRT).
  • Emergency button mounted inside the door which opens the door set by which the user entered.
  • Battery back-up, enabling the door to operate in the event of a power failure. As standard, the Circlelock is supplied with fail-safe operation. During an emergency the lock on the sliding doors will be disengaged, allowing manual opening. Alternatively, one of the door sets can be programmed fail-secure to lock in the event of a power failure, allowing anyone inside the Circlelock to escape without compromising security.


Curved panels:

Also available with vandalism (P4A), burglary (P6B) or bullet resistant (BR2NS / BR4NS) glass or solid panels; contact manufacturer for more information.

Security system:

In order to verify the user several security systems are available with the Circlelock. They are linked to a built-in control unit, which determines whether the second door will open or not. This control unit will also ensure audible and visible alarms are activated in all alarm situations, including piggy-backing or any attempted sabotage of the door. During the night the doors can be locked to close the entrance completely.

- Biometrics:

In combination with StereoVision equipment, Biometrics offer the highest level of security possible, guaranteeing the identity of the user before they are allowed to complete their passage. Biometric identification is based on personal characteristics that are completely unique to the individual such as finger prints, and cannot be stolen, lost or forgotten. This prevents any possibility of an authorized user being forced into or attempting to help an unauthorized person pass through the Circlelock. Options include fingerprint recognition, hand geometry recognition, palm vein recognition, iris recognition, voice recognition or face recognition.

- One-zone contact mat:

Contact mat without sensors offering a very basic level of security. This system will activate the interlocking cycle but does not have an anti-piggybacking function.

- Two-zone contact mat and sensor system:

A slightly more basic security level, which in conjunction with ceiling sensors verifies whether the user is alone in the door. In order to ensure no one is hanging of the doorframe or standing on the edges of the door, this system also includes hang sensors.

- StereoVision:

Sophisticated system with 3D technology detects piggybacking in one or two directions. The bi-focus camera is integrated into the ceiling of the Circlelock, reducing the need for floor adaptations. The system also includes a special lighting system which is integrated in the ceiling. Offers one of the highest security levels available.

- Weight system:

A verification system that is installed into the floor. If the authorized user, plus any luggage, inside the door exceeds the pre-set weight, the user will be rejected. Hang sensors preventing anyone hanging on the doorframe or standing on the edges of the door, are included when using this verification system.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
45-25-28/366 Sliding door and partition sets
45-25-28/352 Automatic revolving doorsets

NBS Specification

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Product specification

An important note about specifying



Boon Edam Limited


+44 (0)1233 505900

Product reference



[1000 mm]
584 mm throat opening width, 1077 mm installation width.
[1500 mm]
937 mm throat opening width, 1577 mm installation width.


 - Internal:
[2200 mm]
[Special order]
Insert requirement, available 2100–2600 mm in 50 mm increments.
 - Canopy:
[200 mm]
[Special order]
Insert requirement, available 200–600 mm in 100 mm increments.


[Powder coated]
Insert colour requirement.
[Special order]
Can be clad with stainless steel, bronze, brass, other metals or wood; contact manufacturer for more information.

Curved panels

Slim aluminium profiles with laminated glass.
High grade aluminium sandwich panels.

Security system

Insert requirement.
[One-zone contact mat]
[Two-zone contact mat]
Not available with 1500 mm diameter.
[Weight system]


[Adaptations for mounting a card reader on the vertical end stile of the curved walls]
[Alternative junctions to the façade or wall]
[Cleaning mode function]
Operated with a key switch panel on the secured side of the door.
[Connection to an external fire alarm system]
Available in pressure laminate, stainless steel or aluminium.
[External control panel for integration in the reception desk]
[Feedback signals to the authorization system]
[Pedestal for an external card reader or other authorization system]
Available in aluminium or stainless steel.
[Push button on the end stile on the secured side to allow free exit]
[Steel floor construction]
To allow the Circlelock to be mounted on a computer floor.

Manufacturer details

Holland House,
Crowbridge Road,
Orbital Park,
Kent, TN24 0GR
Tel +44 (0)1233 505900
Fax +44 (0)1233 505909
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