High security revolving door designed to integrate with any access control system ranging from card readers to biometric devices. The Tourlock is available with three or four door wings and eliminates the need for third party surveillance. The models can be found in areas where a high level of security needs to be balanced with ease and speed of operation. Typical applications include government buildings, banks, airports and in corporate offices.

Tourlock 120:

The three segments of the Tourlock 120 are larger and provide greater comfort and ease of use. A green light prompts the user to enter the door once authorization is given by the external control system. As soon as the presence of the user in the door has been detected, the Tourlock automatically turns 120°. As the door is turning, sensors check that unauthorized entry is not being attempted, whilst ensuring that other users are allowed through without stopping. As the rotation of the door is reversed for users travelling in the opposite direction, simultaneous bi-directional use is not possible.

Tourlock 120M:

Manually operated version of Tourlock 120. This cost efficient door allows the user to push the door 120° upon receipt of an authorization signal. With limited security features, the Tourlock 120M offers secured entrance at a budget friendly price.

Tourlock 180+90:

A fully automatic four wing security revolving door. Once authorization has been given by the access control system, a green light indicates for the user to enter the door. Once entered, the door wings start to rotate 180°. Sensors check that unauthorized entry is not being attempted whilst ensuring that other authorized users are allowed an additional 90° or 180° anti-clockwise rotation to provide uninterrupted passage. Both sides of the door operate independently allowing bi-directional, controlled traffic.

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Standard product features

Throat opening width:

  • 1500 mm diameter: 634 mm.
  • 1600 mm diameter: 684 mm (Tourlock 120 and 120 M), 1038 mm (Tourlock 180+90).
  • 1800 mm diameter: 784 mm (Tourlock 120 and 120 M), 1180 mm (Tourlock 180+90).
  • 2000 mm diameter: 884 mm (Tourlock 120), 1321 mm (Tourlock 180+90).
  • 2200 mm diameter: 984 mm (Tourlock 120), 1463 mm (Tourlock 180+90).

Power supply:

200–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.


Aluminium profiles with a slim centre post, weather strips around the edges and tempered safety glass (class P2A).

Standard safety features:

  • Active and passive rubber safety buffers are included on the ends of the curved walls, to prevent users from getting trapped between the moving parts of the door.
  • The Tourlock is standard delivered in fail-safe mode, disengaging the lock and motor in the event of a power failure or alarm situation. Optionally the door can be made fail secure, making sure no one can enter the secured area during a power failure or fire alarm signal. Fail secure operation maintains security in the event of an emergency and can be offered with or without a manual unlocking possibility. A battery back-up is optional to prevent malfunction if a power failure occurs.


Security system:

In order to verify the user several security systems are available with the Toulock. During the night the doors can be locked to close the entrance completely.

- Contact mats:

Contact mats installed in the floor of the Tourlock check the segments of the door while it is turning to prevent unauthorized entry. Hang sensors preventing anyone hanging from the door frame or standing on the edges of the door are recommended when using contact mats.

- Sensors:

A basic level of security can be reached with ceiling sensors that can also be used to start up the rotation of the automatic Tourlock. Direction sensors ensure that the door set is not pushed against the authorized direction. In combination with other security systems a higher security level can be achieved.

- StereoVision:

Sophisticated system with 3D technology detects piggybacking in one or two directions. The bi-focus camera is integrated into the ceiling of the Circlelock, reducing the need for floor adaptations. The system also includes a special lighting system which is integrated in the ceiling. Offers one of the highest security levels available.

- Weight system:

A verification system that is installed into the floor. If the authorized user, plus any luggage, inside the door exceeds the pre-set weight, the user will be rejected. Hang sensors preventing anyone hanging on the doorframe or standing on the edges of the door, are included when using this verification system.


- Burglary resistance package (ENV 1627):

Boon Edam is the first to offer the option of night locking doors with an approved class 3 Burglary Resistance package on its revolving doors. The burglary resistant system has been developed and tested in compliance with the applicable European (ENV1627) standards and certified by the relevant Notified Body. The class 3 system includes special burglary resistant laminated glass, special locking and reinforced profiles.

NBS Specification

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45-25-28/352 Automatic revolving doorsets

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Product specification

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Product reference

[Tourlock 120]
Three wing, automatic.
[Tourlock 120M]
Three wing, manual.
[Tourlock 180+90]
Four wing, automatic.


[1500 mm]
For 120M only, 1577 mm installation width.
[1600 mm]
1677 mm installation width.
[1800 mm]
1877 mm installation width.
[2000 mm]
Not available with 120M, 2077 mm installation width.
[2200 mm]
Not available with 120M, 2277 mm installation width.


 - Internal:
[2198 mm]
[Special order]
Insert requirement, available 2100–2600 mm in 50 mm increments.
 - Canopy:
[200 mm]
Standard, for 120 and 180+90.
[300 mm]
Standard, for 120M.
[Special order]
Insert requirement, available 200–600 mm in 100 mm increments.


[Powder coated]
Insert colour requirement.
[Special order]
Can be clad with stainless steel, bronze, brass, other metals or wood; contact manufacturer for more information.

Curved panels

Slim aluminium profiles with laminated glass.
High grade aluminium sandwich panels.

Security system

[Contact mats]
Not available with 120 M.
Not available with 120 or 120 M.
[Weight system]
Not available with 120 M.


[Adaptations for integration of access control system on the vertical end stile of the curved walls]
[Bullet resistant (BR2NS/ BR4NS) glass]
Only available on automatic Tourlocks.
[Burglary resistance package (EN 1627)]
[Ceiling lighting with low energy halogen lamps]
[Ceiling lighting with low energy LED lamps]
Available in pressure laminate, stainless steel or aluminium.
[External control panel]
[Matwell trim]
For floor or surface mounting.
[Night locking doors]
Available with standard laminated (P2A), vandalism (P4A) or burglary (P6B) resistant glass.
[Pedestal for an external access control system]
[Roof covering]

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