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Wincro Channels provide positive anchorages for fixing components and allow generous tolerances for setting-out.

Channel applications include:

  • Channels with ‘T’ head bolts, which provide fixing locations for Wincro masonry support systems and the Wincro range of windposts.
  • Retention of the standard range of either brickwork or cladding ties or special purpose-made components (see manufacturer's Ties and Restraints product catalogue).
  • Use as a framing medium to retain flat or curved cladding, or for carrying services supports.

Wincro Channels have a rectangular cross-section with nail holes for securing to shuttering. They are filled with expanded polystyrene to prevent the ingress of concrete during casting.

Fixing to channels is by 'T' head bolts. Tapped plate washers can be used as an alternative to 'T' bolts where non-standard bolt lengths or diameters are required.

Wall ties can also be used with WC23 (23/19), WC28 (28/15) and WC38 (38/17) cast in channels.

NBS Specification

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45-50-50/315 Stainless steel cast-in channels

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Wincro Metal Industries Ltd


+44 (0)114 242 2171

Product reference

23/19 self-anchoring channel with infill.
28/15 channel with infill and lugs.
38/17 channel with infill and lugs.
40/25 channel with infill and lugs.
41/25 toothed channel with infill and lugs.
49/30 channel with infill and lugs.


WC23, WC41.
WC23, WC41.
WC23, WC28, WC38, WC40, WC49.


[Grade 1.4301 (304) stainless steel]
[Grade 1.4401 (316) stainless steel]


[WBT28 M10 T-head bolt to suit WC28 channel]
[WBT38 M12 T-head bolt to suit WC38 channel]
[WBT40 M16 T-head bolt to suit WC40 channel]
[WBT41 M12/ M16 toothed T-head bolt to suit WC41 channel]
[WBT49 M16 T-head bolt to suit WC49 channel]

Manufacturer details

Wincobank Works,
3 Fife Street,
South Yorkshire, S9 1NJ
Tel +44 (0)114 242 2171
Fax +44 (0)114 243 4306
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