Ucrete HPQAS is unique heavy duty polyurethane resin technology with an attractive coloured quartz screed finish providing antistatic properties for use in explosion hazarded areas.

It provides a robust 4–6 mm thick coloured quartz floor finish suitable for applications in wet and dry process environments.

Chemical resistance:

The screed will resist spillages of:

  • Dilute mineral and organic acids.
  • Salts and salt solutions.
  • Dilute alkalis.
  • Fats, oils and sugars.
  • Mineral oils.

For maximum chemical and solvent resistance use Ucrete TCPU.

Slip resistance:

The surface profiles have coefficients of friction as determined to EN 13038-4 using the 4S rubber on the wet floor as follows:

  • Ucrete HPQASpu 36–45.
  • Ucrete HPQASep 36–40.


Particularly suitable for applications in pharmaceutical production facilities, clean room areas, amenity rooms, retail, commercial and industrial environments.

CE marked.

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Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Density: 2000–2090 kg/m³.
  • Wear resistance: AR0.5.
  • Bond strength: B>2.0.
  • Impact resistance: Class I.
  • Compressive strength (EN 13892-2) 48–54 MPa.
  • Tensile strength (BS 6319-7) 5–7 MPa.
  • Flexural strength (EN 13892-2): 12–14 MPa.
  • Fire Testing (EN 13501-1): Bfl – s1.
  • Resistance to Earth (EN 1081): <10^6W.
  • Temperature resistance: Fully serviceable up to 70°C.
  • Anti-static properties: Meets the requirements of BS 5958, EN 1081 and DIN 51953.
  • Curing time: 48 hours (approximately).

NBS Specification

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20-55-77/170 Resin flooring system

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BASF plc, Construction Chemicals


+44 (0)161 485 6222

Product reference

Ucrete HPQAS

Resin flooring

 - Nominal thickness:
[4 mm]
[6 mm]
 - Colour/ Finish:
[Clear epoxy encapsulation resin]

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Cheadle Hulme,
Cheshire, SK8 6QG
Tel +44 (0)161 485 6222
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