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Bespoke decorative items cast with a composition of crushed limestone, gypsum, marble and acrylic polymer set onto a laminated glass fibre reinforced gypsum backing. Supplied and installed by Armourcoat Ltd.

  • Coloured marble powders are mixed to create natural stone colours without added pigments.
  • Base colours: Bianco Carrera, Giallo Mori, Rosso Verona, Verde Alpi, Nero Ebano.
  • Marble granules, other aggregates and coloured mica flakes are added for texture.
  • Suitable for flat panels and 3D cast forms with relief.
  • Form moulds are typically developed by the manufacturer, using either hand modelling or Rhino modelling software.
  • Moulds are manufactured by hand or by CNC routing.
  • Non-combustible. Spread of flame to BS 476-6: Class 'O'.
  • Can be cut with woodworking tools and installed by carpenter.
  • Not for exterior use.


  • Small scale damage may be repaired with little visible effect.


  • Direct to wall - by adhesive.
  • Eurofox - by adhesive to aluminium framing system.
  • Split battens - items can be demounted if joints are left ungrouted.



  • Maximum area per single panel: 3 m² where the width is no less than half the length.
  • Typical panel sizes: 600 x 600, 600 x 1200, 600 x 1800 mm.
  • Minimum thickness: 9 mm.
  • Large units are thicker, with edge flanges for stability and may include reinforcement such as WSB plywood, perforated metal sheet or steel tube framing.
  • Typical panel weight: 10–18 kg/m².
  • Large panel weight (maximum): 25 kg/m².
  • Dimensional tolerance: ±1.5%.
  • Warping out of plane: up to 1.5mm in 1000mm.


  • Natural stone textures can typically be matched. Textures with exposed aggregate require hand finishing and may be more expensive.


  • Natural stone colours and multi-tone effects may be matched. Seek manufacturer's guidance


  • Anti graffiti sealer may darken the cast item and is therefore not suitable for all material colours.


  • When required, joints can be grouted to match the colour of the cast item. Grout lines will remain visible.
  • Narrow and concealed joints require skilled installation to compensate for dimensional tolerances of the material.

NBS Specification

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This product is associated with the following NBS Create clause:
25-85-75/175 Specialist faced panel lining system

Product specification

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Armourcoat Ltd


+44 (0)1732 460668

Product reference

ArmourCast GRG Casting

Panel size

 - Type:
[___ x ___ x ___ mm]
[As drawing ___]
 - Form:
[Dappled relief]
[Design as per drawing ___]
 - Texture:
[As cast from mould]
[Back filled]
 - Colour:
[AC F01]
[AC F02]
[AC F03]
[AC F04]
[AC F05]
[AC F06]
[AC F07]
[AC F08]
[AC F09]
[AC F10]
[AC F11]
[AC F12]
[AC C14]
[AC C15]
[AC C16]
[AC C17]
[AC C18]
[AC C19]
[AC C20]
[AC C21]
[As sample BUK ___]
Input reference as marked on reverse of sample.
 - Finish:
[Anti graffiti sealer]
Unsuitable for some material colours.
[Clearseal matt acrylic sealer]
As standard.


[Grouted to match item]
[Open Shadow gap]
 - Shadow gap width:

___ mm


Manufacturer details

Morewood Close,
Kent, TN13 2HU
Tel +44 (0)1732 460668
Fax +44 (0)1732 450930
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