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Topflow uses innovative mix technology to combine the benefits of two properties; fluidity and stability. Fluidity is essential to provide easy concrete placement and a high quality finish with minimum effort. Stability is necessary to prevent segregation. Collectively this provides a free-flowing, self-compacting concrete.

It is easy to place with fewer pour points, less formwork, reduced manpower, no vibration, excellent surface finish and good workability.

Features and benefits:

  • Fast flowing (maintenance of fluidity is typically two hours).
  • Smoother surfaces.
  • Easier placement.
  • No vibration - eliminating vibration reduces noise pollution and improves on-site working conditions.
  • Reduced carbon emissions - concrete reinforced with macro synthetic fibres is around 60% lower than that of steel reinforced concrete.
  • BSI Kitemark.


Topflow concrete can be used in most applications which require a ready-mix concrete from footings and floor slabs to precast applications. It is suitable for laying over underfloor heating, following manufacturer's precautions.

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Compressive strength:

35–50 N/mm² at 28 days.

Design chemical class:

- Maximum sulfate resistance classification:

DC-3 or DC-3z with low-heat version.


Can be designed with either 10 or 20 mm coarse aggregate depending upon application required and also maximum 25% recycled aggregate when available.

NBS Specification

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45-55-20/370 Proprietary concrete

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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+44 (0)121 787 5001

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Compressive strength

[ ______ ]

Water:cement ratio

[ ______ ]

Design chemical class

With low-heat version.


[10 mm coarse aggregate]
[20 mm coarse aggregate]

Manufacturer details

Portland House,
Bickenhill Lane,
West Midlands , B37 7BQ
Tel +44 (0)121 787 5001
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