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Timber acoustic fencing with lighter 20 mm thick boards in comparison to Jacksons Jakoustic fencing, however still maintaining the same 123 mm cover face. It is distinguished from the heavier boards by small chamfers which form a V-join between boards. The fencing achieves the planning/ architects' normal acoustic specification of 10–12 kg/m² and is suitable for use around parks, schools and residential areas.

Standard product features

Size (w x h x l):

  • Timber boards: 20 x 125 x 4800 mm.
  • Capping rail: 34 x 145 x 4800 mm.
  • Counter rail: 34 x 70 x 2400 mm.



Matching gates are available for the fencing, consult manufacturers literature for more details.

NBS Specification

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25-20-30/115 Wood close boarded fencing system

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Product reference

12K Acoustic EnviroFence


[2.0 m]
2.9 m post length.
[2.5 m]
3.34 m post length, 2.0 m spur posts.
[3.0 m]
3.9 m post length, 2.5 m spur posts.
[3.5 m]
4.4 m post length, 2.7 m spur posts.
[4.0 m]
4.9 m post length, 3.3 m spur posts.


 - Type:
[Not required]
[Cantilever sliding]
 - Operation:
[Not required]

Manufacturer details

209 Stowting Common,
Kent, TN25 6BN
Tel +44 (0)1233 750393
Fax +44 (0)1233 750403
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