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Manufactured by injection moulding EVA and copper, with a mastic sealant strip.

The flexible nature of the flash vent enables quick and easy installation on all profiles and flat tiles and slates.

The tortured path created by the pin array has also been designed to maximise support of the lead and provide an integral flyscreen.

The product provides free airflow of 5,000 mm²/m and is designed for a minimum pitch of 15º.

The flash vent ventilates a pitches roof abutment detail and provides a weather tight airflow path equivalent in area to continuous opening of 5 mm.

The mastric strip on the underside adheres the product to the tile profile.

Flash vent has been independently wind tunnel tested for weather tightness and can be used over profiled tiles without compromising its effectiveness.

Standard product features


235 mm wide available in 3 m rolls. 10 copper fixing clips for each 3 m roll.

NBS Specification

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45-20-75/330 Abutment ventilators

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