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Designed specifically for use with 10 mm flexible plastic pipework, the Type GRS and GRS-FF guide and seal helps builders to achieve the air leakage requirements of the revised Part L Regulations and reducing heat loss where plastic pipes pass through plasterboard walls. The units will also help prevent kinking and chafing of pipework.

Inexpensive, quick and easy to fit, the radiator pipe guide and seals provide a highly effective air leakage barrier, conserving energy and reducing householder’s fuel costs. For builders, they are an ingeniously simple way of complying with the Revised Part L Regulations regarding air tightness.

The face fix version (GFS-FF), is fitted to the external face of the blockwork or dry lining, which makes it slightly more versatile than the GRS, with different pipe routing options.


Product reference:

- GRS:

  • Material: manufactured from high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) with a foam seal.
  • Colour: White.
  • Pipe clamp – preventing chafing of pipes.
  • Skim-bead – provides guide for plastering up to.
  • 80 mm radius pipe guide – eliminates kinks and helps prevent pipe sag.
  • An air tight, twin shot TPE gasket prevents air leakage.
  • Four secure fixing points allows accurate installation.


  • Manufactured from white polypropylene with an integral TPE perimeter seal and pipe grommets.
  • Three secure fixing points.
  • Rubber grommets hold pipe and prevent air leakage.
  • Flush fit design.
  • Works in all directions.


  • Manufactured from white polypropylene with an integral TPE perimeter seal and pipe grommets.
  • Two fixing points.
  • Rubber grommet to hold pipe and prevent air loss.
  • Convex design helps to ensure air tight seal when fitted.
  • Can be orientated in any direction to suit the exit of the pipe.

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[GRS-SE Single Exit Radiator Pipe Guide and Seal]

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