The Manthorpe Swift Brick has been developed in conjunction with major house builders and conservation experts to provide a safe, spacious and habitable area to allow swifts to nest within the well-built construction of modern houses.

Key Features:

  • Takes the place of a single brick the coloured face blends in to the surrounding masonry.
  • Neat and simple to install, can be fitted quickly during the bricklaying.
  • Integral nest concave provides ideal starting point for nest building.
  • 29 x 65 mm opening leading into a recessed entry tunnel.
  • 41 300 mm² of floor area gives the maximum habitable living space within the wall construction.
  • A built in cavity tray detail within the roof of the brick protects against water ingress.
  • Aesthetically pleasing exterior sanded finish in Antique Red and Terracotta allowing the product to blend seamlessly with the brickwork.

Standard product features


  • 227 x 80 mm face, takes the place of a single brick.
  • 29 x 65 mm opening.


  • Base: Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U).
  • Top: Polypropylene.

NBS Specification

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45-35-86/355 Bird boxes

NBS Specification

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