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A two component, quick setting, highly deformable, high performance non-slip cement-based adhesive with extended open time for ceramic tiles and natural stone. Elastorapid is for interior and exterior bonding of tiles and stone to walls and floors. It is suitable for all sizes and types of tiles: single fired, double fired, porcelain, clinker, terracotta etc., natural stone and artifical materials.

Elastorapid may be applied to vertical surfaces without sagging. It has high bonding strength after only 2–3 hours; floor and wall surfaces can be put into service very quickly.

C2FTE-S2 classified in accordance with EN12002.

Do not use Elastorapid on metallic, rubber, PVC or linoleum surfaces.

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Standard product features

Thickness (maximum):

  • 10 mm.


  • Primer G, Mapeprim SP or Primer S required to gypsum, or anhydrite based substrates.

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Product specification

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Mapei (UK) Ltd


+44 (0)121 508 6970

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[Mapeprim SP primer]
[Primer G]
[Primer S]

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Mapei House,
Steel Park Road,
West Midlands, B62 8HD
Tel +44 (0)121 508 6970
Fax +44 (0)121 508 6960
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