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A ready-to-use pre-packed fast setting hydraulic mortar for the preparation of fast-drying (24 hours) screeds with controlled shrinkage.


Mapecem Pronto is for the formation of floating unbonded and bonded screeds on existing and new slabs, for the installation of wood, PVC, linoleum, carpeting, rubber or any other type of flooring where fast drying or immediate laying is required. It is ready-to-use and must be mixed just with water.

Bonded screeds (thicknesses less than 35 mm) require the application of a Mapecem Pronto and Planicrete anchoring slurry. Floating screeds (thicknesses above 35 mm) must be laid over a polyethylene sheet.

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45-55-10/380 Quick drying levelling screed mix

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Mapecem Pronto

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