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A grey prepacked powder mortar composed of special hydraulic binders with pozzolanic reaction and highly resistant to sulfates, comprising of natural sands, lightweight aggregates and special additives. Due to its special composition, the product meets all WTA requirements. After mixing the product with water, it becomes a plastic-thixotropic mortar easily workable both on vertical surfaces and ceilings.

Application over PoroMap Rinzaffo increases the already high chemical/ physical performance of PoroMap Intonaco and improves the adhesion of the macro-porous render on difficult substrates (e.g. stone masonries) and uniforms the absorption of mixed masonries (stone-brick).

PoroMap Intonaco is more resistant to rain water (acid rain), freeze-thaw cycles, cracks caused by plastic shrinkage, alkali-aggregate reaction and soluble salts that are often in the masonry and in the soils on which they have been built, including the sulfatic ones.


  • Repairing brick, stone and tuff buildings damaged by rising damp.
  • Renovation of structures deteriorated by sulfate, chloride and potassium nitrate salts.
  • Applied over PoroMap Rinzaffo, PoroMap Intonaco is ideal for preventing rising damp and efflorescence permanently from old perimeter or separating walls as well as from recently constructed walls that have not been properly insulated at the foundations.

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1200 kg/m³.

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45-55-50/435 Thixotropic resin grout

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