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Adhesive in water dispersion with a quick and strong initial bond and extremely low volatile organic compounds (EMICODE EC1).


Used for bonding internal floors in:

  • Rolls and tiles of homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl.
  • Semi-flexible vinyl tiles.
  • Carpet with latex mesh, PVC foam and polyurethane backing.

Ultrabond Eco 380 is a solvent-free, synthetic polymer based adhesive in water dispersion. It is available in paste form which is easy to spread and can be used to bond all types of PVC floor covering materials. After hardening the product forms a tough, flexible film which allows for an excellent bond. It may also be used on floors subject to heavy pedestrian use, the passage of wheelchairs and for heated floors.

Offers excellent resistance to ageing and good resistance to humidity, solvents and oils.

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Standard product features


Creamy paste.


Light beige.

Application temperature range:


Set to light foot traffic:

3–4 hours.

NBS Specification

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45-50-00/365 Synthetic rubber resin adhesives

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Ultrabond Eco 380

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