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Provides an attractive, safe, hard wearing, low maintenance surface designed for pedestrian and vehicular areas where a natural loose aggregate appearance is desired.

Standard product features

Life expectancy:

Depends on aggregate size, type and surface use. Generally, footpaths 8–15 years; domestic drives 6–10 years; heavily used car parks and roads 5–8 years.


Sealant/ Primer:

All bituminous surfaces should be treated with Addacryl sealer. Concrete and timber surfaces should be primed with EP Addastone primer and a fine quartz aggregate 0.4-0.8mm added to provide a mechanical key. Steel surfaces should be degreased and lightly shot blasted or abraded prior to application of EP Addasol Shieldcoat primer, apply a fine quartz aggregate 0.4-0.8mm to provide a mechanical key.

Binder colour:

Standard colours are buff, natural and black. Special colours are available.


A wide range of standard natural and recycled aggregates is available. Contact Addagrip for details on aggregate grades and samples

– Size:

Suitable sizes range from 2 to 6 mm.

NBS Specification

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45-20-00/425 Resin bonded aggregate surfacing

Product specification

An important note about specifying



Addagrip Terraco Ltd


+44 (0)1825 761333

Product reference

Addastone Resin Bonded Surfacing

Sealant/ Primer

[EP Addastone primer]
For concrete surfaces only.
[EP Addasol Shieldcoat primer]

Binder colour

[Tile Red]


 - Type:
[Chinese Bauxite]
[Dorset Gold]
[Natural Red Granite]
[Corn flint]
[New Rhine Gold]
[Brittany Bronze]
[Silver Grey Granite]
[Guyanan Bauxite]
[Trent Pea]
 - Size:
[0.5–1.4 mm]
[1 mm]
[1–3 mm]
[2 mm]
[2–3 mm]
[2–4 mm]
[2–5 mm]
[3–6 mm]

Manufacturer details

Addagrip House,
Bell Lane Industrial Estate,
East Sussex, TN22 1QL
Tel +44 (0)1825 761333
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