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A range of custom-made collapsible gates designed for underground stations, car parks, and in a wide range of commercial situations.

The gates can be top hung or bottom rolling with the optional facility to be hinged aside for locations on shop entrances, window protection and small openings where a clear width is required. Ram-raid protection is provided when both top and bottom tracks are fitted.

Gate Types:

Top hung gates:

A top hung gate should be used wherever possible due to its superior operating capabilities. Single gates up to 2500 mm high and/ or 3000 mm wide are suspended from a flat bar top track, fixed at each end; larger gates have a box type top track. The gates incorporate channel bottom tracks set into the floor.

Bottom rolling gates:

They run on a flat bar bottom track which can be folding or portable for smaller openings. Where the gate is required to hinge aside when bunched, a ‘Tee’ section top track is used. The weight of the gate is supported by pulleys at the base of the pickets.

Spearhead gates:

Generally as bottom rolling gates with pointed spearheads attached to the top of the pickets to offer climb-over protection where lintels are not available for head fixings. Pairs of gates are supplied with removable centre post and fixing stay.

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Additional requirements:

  • Floating gates - top hung only.
  • Hook lock bolt.
  • Mid bar gates for reduced centres.
  • Parallel bunch - for limited bunch situations.
  • Plated leading edge.

NBS Specification

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45-25-28/356 Collapsible gate and grille sets

NBS Specification

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Product specification

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Bolton Gate Co Ltd


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Product reference

Collapsible Gates


[Bottom rolling]
[Spearhead gates]
[Top hung]


[1500 x 2000 mm]
Bottom hung or spearhead (single).
[3000 x 2000 mm]
Bottom hung or spearhead (pair).
[4000 x 4000 mm]
Top hung (single).
[4000 x 8000 mm]
Top hung (pair).


[Bi-parting bunching]
[Single bunching - Left hand side]
[Single bunching - Right hand side]


[Polyester powder coated]

Additional requirements

[Floating gates - top hung only]
[Hook lock bolt]
[Mid bar gates for reduced centres]
[Parallel bunch - for limited bunch situations]
[Plated leading edge]

Manufacturer details

Waterloo Street,
Lancashire, BL1 2SP
Tel +44 (0)1204 871001
Fax +44 (0)1204 871049
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