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An electrically operated lateral rolling shutter designed to negotiate bends, curves, ovals and circles, without the need for piers, in large open-plan areas and atrium constructions.

Shutter curtain:

Constructed from curved section, interlocking galvanized laths. The leading edge of the single shutter is led into a bell mouth receiving channel at the closing jamb, whilst the leading edges of a pair of shutters are provided in male and female sections to effect an overlapping seal.


The shutter laths are suspended from a narrow 200 mm deep fabricated top track by means of ball bearing pulleys. The top and bottom of the curtain is attached to a heavy duty drive chain which provides the flexibility to follow contoured tracking arrangements. The top track can be fixed directly to the soffit slab or a structural downstand or can be supported from hanger brackets, permitting building services to pass through the void (note, the void will require fire stopping to comply with the Building Regulations).

Shutter box:

The shutter curtain is mounted onto a patented, constant tension barrel assembled in a self-contained vertical fire resistant housing. A removable panel to one side of the housing permits access for maintenance.

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Standard product features

Shutter box sizes:

750 x 1300 mm for 10 m curtain length up to 1500 x 2200 mm for 50 m curtain length.


  • Shutter box: 450 kg/linear metre.
  • Curtain: 24 kg/m².
  • Track: 30 kg/metre run.

Shutter closing speed:

  • AC:12 m/minute.
  • DC: 9 m/minute.

NBS Specification

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45-25-28/414 Roller shutter sets

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Contour 2000


[30 m x 4.5 m for single unit]
General assessment.
[60 x 4.5 m for pair of units]
General assessment.
[50 x 6 m for single unit]
Individual assessment.
[100 x 6 m for pair of units]
Individual assessment.


[24V DC with 240V, 50 Hz charger unit]
[415V AC, 3 phase, 50 Hz electric motor]


[Polyester powder coated]
[Standard galvanized finish to shutter curtains. Primer painted to non-galvanized components]

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Lancashire, BL1 2SP
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