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The mission of Louis Poulsen is to design and market unique lighting in the form of products which create ambience for people and places. These products must have a functional design and high quality.

The vision of Louis Poulsen is to be the preferred partner and brand wherever unique lighting is desired. Louis Poulsen offers advice, planning and product development throughout the world in cooperation with customers and professional partners. Louis Poulsen’s Lighting Philosophy can be abridged to just three letters, FCA. Standing for Function, Comfort and Ambience. Together with the company's four core values – Partner, Passion, Performance and Pulse – this provides the basic foundation for all internal and external collaboration.

Over the years, Louis Poulsen has excelled not only as a product supplier, but also as a partner, in countless projects around the world. This joint success is one of the reasons for their current market position.

Louis Poulsen is represented by subsidiaries, distribution offices and agents around the world. Their key sales regions are Scandinavia, Europa, Japan and the USA. Louis Poulsen has approximately 300 employees and an annual turnover of around DKK 500 million.

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AJ Floor + AJ Table, Indoor Floor & Table
AJ Wall, Indoor Wall
Collage, Indoor Pendant
Flindt, Outdoor Bollard
Kipp, Outdoor Post
LP Circle Suspended, Indoor Suspended

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