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Access doors


Doors which provides access to ducts and services; for Ceiling access doors see (35); for meter cabinets see Electrical accessories (62).
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FlipFix Plasterboard Access Panel - Wall & Ceiling Inspection Hatch
FlipFix Plasterboard Door Beaded Frame Access Panels are the easiest access panels to install on the market due to the unique FlipFix fitting device. Fitting requires no battening out of the struct...
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Christo Riser Door
Designed and fire tested specifically for use in riser shafts running through larger buildings. The Access Panel Company fire tested Christo Riser Doors provide protection to riser openings prevent...
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Rigitone Style Access Panel
The access panel for Rigitone ceilings provides a high quality protected opening in Rigitone style ceilings for access to building engineering services. Cut to fit into your Rigitone pattern the pa...
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Anti-ligature Access Panel
Anti-ligature Access Panels provide high quality openings in ceilings (up to 600 x 600mm) and walls for access to building engineering services. Our doors are finished in powder-coated white and ca...
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Fire Rated Meter Over Box
Independently tested by a UKAS accredited laboratory the Fire Rated Meter Over Box achieves a 90 minute integrity fire rating. Intumescent seal factory fitted to the rear of the panel ensures that ...
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Howe Green Bilco Brochure - Full
Full brochure for Howe Green and Bilco.
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Floor Access Covers Product Overview
Howe Green manufacture a range of floor access covers suitable for hard flooring and flexible flooring surfaces; wall access covers for plastered and tiled walls and channel drain solutions.The Pro...
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Solid Floor, Wall and Ceiling Access Covers Product Overview
The Solid Floor, Wall and Ceiling Access Covers Product Overview provides a useful summary of the Bilco and Howe Green solid floor access covers (specified where no infill is required), the Howe Gr...
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Waldor 50 Tiled Wall Access Panel
The Waldor 50 tiled Wall Access Panel provides easy access to concealed services within tiled walls. Waldor 50 is manufactured to order from 1.5mm corrosion resistant stainless steel. The wall acce...
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Combihatch Plastered Wall Access Panel
The Combihatch Wall Access Panel is suitable for situations where regular access is required to concealed services behind a plastered or solid wall. The Combihatch metal-faced side-hinged Wall Acce...
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