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The Accordial Group have been involved in the manufacturing and supplying of acoustic movable walls, sliding folding partitions, acoustic absorption products and architectural glazing within Alco Glass for over 25 years.

The Group has expanded steadily to include distinctive individual companies with a unique identity in their given sector.

With our own factory in Loughborough and two qualified IOA acousticians, our clients are assured that every installation has our commitment to the highest acoustic standards and design, build, quality and service.

Accordial Acoustic Solutions has been created to supply a one stop solution for the growing number of projects requiring decorative high quality acoustic absorption panels.

Accordial Repairs and Servicing offer a nationwide 24hr service and full maintenance packages ensuring that your movable walls are always fully operational.

In 2012 Alco Wall Systems and Brockhouse Modernfold, the acoustic movable wall divisions of the Group rebranded to form Accordial Wall Systems Ltd.

Accordial now offers a one stop solution for all your acoustic needs, be it movable walls, acoustic panels or bespoke glazed solutions.
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PremierWall and EasiWall Movable Acoustic Wall
Manually operated sliding folding partition.
- L20 Doors/ shutters/ hatches
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SoundFlex – Fabric Wrapped Panels
Sound absorption panels with fabric covering.
- K13 Rigid sheet fine linings and panelling
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SoundFlex – Sound Absorption Panels
Sound absorption panels.
- K13 Rigid sheet fine linings and panelling

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Accordial Wall Systems

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