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Acheson & Glover specialise in the manufacture of paving flags and blocks, retaining walls and architectural masonry.
Acheson & Glover are an innovative technology driven company using advanced manufacturing methods and stringent quality control.
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Alphacrete® Acoustic Masonry Blocks
A range of fair faced acoustic concrete masonry blocks and specials specially developed to help control sound reverberation time, the only concrete block to currently meet the revised Part 1 of BB93 for PSBP.
- F10 Brick/ block walling
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Alphacrete® Masonry Blocks
Premium quality fair faced architectural concrete masonry blocks and specials.
- F10 Brick/ block walling
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Anchor Diamond Retaining Wall Blocks
A mortarless dry build segmental retaining wall system consisting of self-finished concrete blocks with the appearance of riven faced stone for landscape retaining walls.
- D41 Crib walls, gabions and other gravity retaining walls

Quality Assurance

Acheson & Glover is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BS OHAS 18001: 2007 – NQA
BS EN ISO 14001: 2004 – NQA
CE Mark
BBA Certificate 03/4032 – Anchor Vertica Wall System
BBA Certificate 04/R138 – Landmark Wall System
BBA Certificate 07/4421 – Novabrik mortarless brick system

Trade names

Alphacrete Acoustic
Alphacrete Athena
Alphacrete Corinthian
Alphacrete Decoblock
Alphacrete Phoenix
Alphacrete Regent
Anchor Bayfield
Anchor Diamond
Anchor Landmark
Anchor Vertica
Anchor Windsor
Finlay Breton

Contact details

64 Old Moy Road,
Dungannon ,
Co Tyrone, BT71 6PU
Tel +44 (0) 28 8778 8112
Fax +44 (0)28 8952 1866