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ACO is a world leader in the design, development and implementation of sustainable surface water management systems.

For over 60 years ACO has pioneered unique solutions that satisfy the need for high performance, environmental excellence, optimal return on investment and long operational life across a vast range of applications.

Product solutions include award-winning surface water management, high performance stormwater control and hygienic and corrosion resistant building drainage systems. For more information visit www.aco.co.uk

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Product catalogue
ACO Water Management: Building + Landscape supplies intelligent drainage and landscaping solutio...
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Case study
Almost 10,000 metres of ACO KerbDrain provides highway drainage to this major infrastructure upgrade
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Case study
ACOs drainage systems provides efficient surface water management to many of the redeveloped publ...
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ACO EuroCover®
Stainless steel double sealed recessed access cover.
- P31 Holes, chases, covers and supports for services
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ACO GravelGuard
Lightweight ground reinforcement system for gravel stabilization.
- Q25 Slab/ brick/ sett/ cobble pavings
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ACO H Range
Monocast, heavy duty channel drainage system with slots or inlets.
- Q10 Kerbs/ edgings/ channels/ paving accessories

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ACO Complete the Look grating
ACO Complete the Look grating range
ACO Food Processing
ACO KerbDrrain
ACO Kitchen Tray Channel Systems
ACO MultiDrain Brickslot

Quality Assurance

ACO Technologies plc is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 – BSI
BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 – BSI
BS EN ISO 14001: 2004 – BSI

Trade names

ACO BorderGuard
ACO Building Drainage
ACO CivicDrain
ACO Deckline 125
ACO DoorWay Drain
ACO DrainMat
ACO Eyeleds
ACO FreeDeck
ACO Fulbora
ACO GroundGuard
ACO Gullies
ACO H Range
ACO HexDrain
ACO HexDrain Brickslot
ACO HexDrain Pro
ACO InDoor
ACO KerbDrain
ACO MonoDrain PD100D
ACO MultiDrain
ACO MultiDrain MD
ACO MultiDrain Monoblock P100D
ACO MultiDrain PPD
ACO Multiline Sealin
ACO Pipe
ACO Q-Brake
ACO Q-Ceptor
ACO Qmax
ACO Q-Plate
ACO RainDrain
ACO RainDrain B 125
ACO RainDrain Brickslot B 125
ACO RoadDrain
ACO S Range
ACO Slimline
ACO Sport
ACO Stainless
ACO Stainless Deckline
ACO Stainless Eurogully
ACO Stainless Micro Floor Drains
ACO Stainless Mini-Systems
ACO Stainless Modular
ACO StepDrain
ACO StormBrixx
ACO SuDS Swale Inlet
ACO Water Management
ACO Wildlife

Contact details

ACO Technologies plc,
ACO Business Park,
Hitchin Road,
Bedfordshire, SG17 5TE
Tel +44 (0)1462 816666
Fax +44 (0)1462 815895

Alternative contacts

ACO Building Drainage
Caxton Road,
Bedfordshire, MK41 0LF
Tel +44(0)1462 810400

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