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Acoustic Products Ltd has 20 years trading in the acoustics industry specialising in solid timber, painted, veneered, melamine finished sound absorbing / diffusing acoustic panels including Class A sound absorption, Class O fire rating, FSC chain of custody, PEFC , low VOC content, no added formaldehyde wooden substrates, along with movable walls and folding partitions with sound attenuation up to Rw 56 dB.
Distributors for the Swiss manufactured TOPAKUSTIK AND TOPPERFO timber acoustic panels and the French Laudescher LINEA wooden slatted acoustic wall and ceiling panels.

Project from small studio to auditoria, gyms to sports halls, offices to atriums. Acoustic panels for controlling reverberation time reducing echo in a variety of commercial and public building environments, used extensively in schools, colleges and universities and can assist designers with meeting the mandatory design standards of Building Bulletin 93 (BB93).

The movable wall systems can be tailor made to meet any flexible space requirement and can meet the requirements of Revised Part M of Building Regulations which came into force in May 2004 setting down minimum standards for disabled access.

The company has comprehensive sound, fire, impact test data certificates available for our products, carried out under BS, EN, DIN and ISO international.
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Third party approval
Fire BS476 Certificate
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Third party approval
Laudescher Fire Ceiling Certificate
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Third party approval
Laudescher Fire Wall Certificate

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Bloomberg Vortex
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KCL - Bush Hall
Laudescher LINEA
Laudescher LINEA
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Quality Assurance

Acoustic Products Ltd is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
FSC Certified

Trade names

Laudescher 3D
Laudescher LINEA
Laudescher PAREA
Laudescher SHAPE

Contact details

70C High Street,
Kent, CT5 1BB
Tel +44 (0)1227 281140

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