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Mineral materials used in making concrete.
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4. Foam Glass in Landscaping
GEOCELL® is easy to handle and can be driven over and walked on during construction. It is resistant to rotting, maintains its form and thanks to its high insulating properties, prevents frost dama...
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Mix Design for Lytag
These mixes are typically used where low density concrete is required. Weight savings of 25% over normal weight concrete can readily be achieved. This can lead to considerable cost savings, as conc...
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Lytag - Bagged Aggregates
Lytag supplies bagged lightweight aggregate in nominal 15kg bags, which is equivalent to approximately 25kg of normal weight aggregate. Bags are supplied on pallets containing 60 bags and shrink wr...
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Lytag - lightweight aggregate for structural fill
Lytag lightweight aggregate (LWA) is widely used as a structural fill to raise existing surfaces to achieve new falls or to construct ramps, provide a deep screed within which services may be burie...
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Lytag - LytaLWC Lightweight Concrete
LytaLWC is specifically designed to meet all the requirements of modern construction, whilst overcoming the prime issue of concrete, its weight.
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Lytag - Manufacturer of LWAC using Lytag
Lytag lightweight aggregate (LWA) is specifically designed and manufactured to meet all the requirements of modern construction practice, whilst overcoming the prime disadvantage of concrete - its ...
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Lytag - Rapid Drying Lightweight Screeds
Many locations require a lightweight screed mix that dries and hardens more rapidly than ordinary sand:cement mixes so that floorings can far be installed as soon as possible. Lytag and Ardex UK li...
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Lytag - Self-Compacting Lightweight Concrete
Developments in admixture technology, especially in self-compacting admixtures, have now made Self-Compacting Lightweight Aggregate Concrete (SCLWAC) possible with coarse and fine Lytag aggregate. ...
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Lytafill is one of the strongest, recycled bulk fill materials available to the market. Used extensively in highway structures and large civil projects as shown in the completed projects above. Ly...
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Lytag - LytaScreed Topped
LytaScreed is one of the most versatile screed products available to the UK market. Used extensively within the iconic buildings above providing key design benefits throughout. LytaScreed Topped i...
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