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Established in 1989 as an insulation converter, AIM has a large range of cutting and bonding machinery. The company produces a wide variety of bespoke insulation products to customer specification and also manufactures a range of fire, thermal and acoustic insulation products primarily, but not exclusively, for the construction industry. AIM provides a first class service, supplying quality products on a rapid response basis. A range of dedicated hauliers and carriers ensure prompt deliveries throughout the UK and Ireland.
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Technical data sheet
Technical Datasheet and Installation Instructions for AIM OSCB 60-25 and 120-25
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Technical data sheet
AIM OSCB 44mm Air Gap Datasheets 60min and 120min insulation & integrity
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Product catalogue
Extended cavity fire barrier performance within rainscreen fa├žades. Responding to changing market...
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Aimcoustic Floor Slab
High density tissue faced Rockwool floor slab.
- K11 Rigid sheet flooring/ sheathing/ decking/ sarking/ linings/ casings, M10 Cement based levelling/ wearing screeds
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Angle Fillet For Flat Roofing
High density mineral wool angle fillet for flat roofing.
- J21 Mastic asphalt roofing/ insulation/ finishes, J31 Liquid applied waterproof roof coatings, J41 Reinforced bitumen membrane roof coverings, J42 Single layer polymeric sheet roof coverings
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Cavity Fire Closers
Semi-rigid Rockwool stone wool to polythene damp proof course cavity closers.
- P12 Fire stopping systems

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