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We think big at Altro - and we’re globally big in premium flooring and wall cladding systems for construction and transport. We love inventing things. Safety flooring and hygienic wall cladding systems are two of our most famous innovations. We really enjoy working in partnership with you, pioneering new technologies and products. You’ve told us you enjoy it too. We’re devoted to sustainability, recycling and reusing our products. Family owned and run, we share family values; we care about you, each other and what we do. We’re passionate about creating a great experience for you wherever you are in the world. Call us, we’d like to show you why the future is safer with Altro.
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Product catalogue
The complete Altro Whiterock hygienic system We invented hygienic wall cladding systems back in ...
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Product catalogue
Stunning, highly decorative public areas. Very heavy duty manufacturing plants. Seamless, robust ...
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Product catalogue
Strong, stylish and versatile, you can feel the difference of rubber flooring underfoot. Altro ru...
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Altro Aquarius™
2 mm safety floor that has been specifically engineered and developed to provide an effective solution to providing safety under foot in environments where bare feet and shoes are seen in wet conditions.
- M50 Rubber/ plastics/ cork/ lino/ carpet tiling/ sheeting
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Altro Atlas 40
The toughest Altro safety flooring.
- M50 Rubber/ plastics/ cork/ lino/ carpet tiling/ sheeting
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Altro Classic 25
Altro Classic 25 is the original hard-wearing, slip-resistant safety flooring.
- M50 Rubber/ plastics/ cork/ lino/ carpet tiling/ sheeting

Image gallery

Aviva Stadium - Altro Stronghold - Altro Whiterock
Axe Vale Canoe Club - Altro Aquarius/Whiterock
Bath University - Altro Suprema II/Whiterock Chame
Benares Restaurant - Altro Stronghold 30
Breast Check Clinic-Altro Suprema II/Whiterock
Bristol Royal Infirmary - Altro Aquarius/Whiterock

Quality Assurance

Altro is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 – SGS

Trade names

AlgroGrip PU
Altro Aquarius
Altro Atlas 40
Altro Classic 25
Altro Designer 25
Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR
Altro Easyclean Maxis Technology
Altro Easyclean Original
Altro Everlay
Altro Flexiflow
Altro Flexijoint
Altro Fortis TM
Altro Impressionist II
Altro Marine 20
Altro Mosaic
Altro Multiscreed EP Naturals
Altro Nuvola Cirrus
Altro Nuvola Stratus
Altro PVC Stair Nosings
Altro Resin Systems
Altro SampleExpress
Altro SoloSafe
Altro Stronghold II
Altro Suprema
Altro TB + Cast
Altro TB Screed
Altro TB Screed Rapicure
Altro Terrazzolite EP
Altro Unity 25
Altro Walkway
Altro Walkway 20
Altro Whiterock Chameleon
Altro Whiterock Digiclad
Altro Whiterock Hygienic Ceilings
Altro Whiterock Hygienic Doorsets
Altro Whiterock Satins
Altro Whiterock Splashbacks
Altro Whiterock White
Altro Wood Safety
Altro Wood Smooth
Altro Wood Smooth Acoustic
Altro XpressLay
Altro Zodiac Smooth
AltroClean 44
AltroCrete PU Excel
AltroCrete PU Fast-Track
AltroFlow EP
AltroFlow PUM
AltroGrip EP
AltroGrip Quartz EP
AltroPatch UFC
AltroProof Duo
AltroProof Solo
AltroProof Solo Fast Track
AltroProof Solo Universal
AltroScreed Quartz
AltroScreed Quartz Boutique
AltroScreed Quartz EP
AltroScreed Quartz EP SD
AltroScreed Quartz Rapicure
AltroShield SF
AltroStat SD
AltroTect Rapicure

Contact details

Works Road,
Letchworth Garden City,
Hertfordshire, SG6 1NW
Tel +44 (0)1462 707604
Fax +44 (0)1462 707515

Alternative contacts

All other offices:
Tel +44 (0)870 548 0480