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RIBA Accredited CPD (5)

The following CPD Providers Network material is available from Alumasc Building Products Ltd:
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  • Criteria for Flat Roofing External link (Seminar)
    This seminar looks at types of flat roof, membranes, design considerations, insulation, safety and maintenance.
  • Design Considerations for Completely Flat Roofs External link (Seminar)
    This seminar highlights the key factors that should be considered when designing completely flat roofs to zero falls, including drainage, roof type, construction tolerance, waterproofing and insula...
  • Objective-Driven Specifications for Green, Biodiverse and Blue Roofs External link (Seminar)
    With worldwide directives, UK government and local council planning legislation Ecological design is a major factor in the specification of flat roofs. This seminar outlines the key consideration...
  • Rainwater Disposal from Pitched Roofs External link (Seminar)
    This seminar is about rainwater disposal from pitched roofs. It covers design principles and installation details and considerations. It will help you to understand the following topics: - BS EN 1...
  • Structural Waterproofing External link (Seminar)
    This seminar looks at areas of structural waterproofing, the hot melt rubber system, installation and typical applications.

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Further information on some of the training offered by Alumasc Building Products Ltd and the locations served is available:
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CPD Contact - +44 (0)1744 648400 cpd@alumasc-exteriors.co.uk