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AATi Limited was formed in 1984 and adopted the traditional London Underground antislip cast metal stair tread designs which have been an ever present and effective feature on the UK rail network for over 5 decades.
We have designed and developed our product range to embrace the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) requirements, also now focusing on uses outside the traditional markets; light rail, over-ground, station terminals and a wide range of commercial and architectural applications. All products are designed and manufactured in the UK.
Our stair nosings offer a very cost effective solution with unrivalled performance when taking into account ‘whole of life’ costs. Using the London rail networks as the best example, with footfalls exceeding 148 million users per annum at Liverpool Street Station and our products being installed well over 20 years ago but they are still functioning adequately despite these extreme conditions.
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Floor plate.
- L30 Stairs/ ladders/ walkways/ handrails/ balustrades
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Stair nosing.
- L30 Stairs/ ladders/ walkways/ handrails/ balustrades

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AATi Cast Gunmetal Antislip Stair Nosings
AATi Group
AATi HDIT bespoke Islamic pattern range.
AATi New Hyflo™ Drainage Grille & Gully - HG4/DC
AATi nosings at King's Cross St Pancras, London.
Bespoke nosing design for Superdry store, London.


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