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Artform Urban Furniture, part of the Bailey Street Furniture Group, is at the cutting edge of integrated landscape design and their mission is to supply the world’s most aspirational and design-led street furniture products, to assist landscape architects, designers and specifiers bring their visions to life.

Using their exclusive UK partnerships with leading manufacturers and design studios on the global street furniture stage, they are able to provide world class, exclusive collections of integrated public realm furniture to enhance any external works scheme.

The resulting breadth and depth of architectural products offered, represent an unparalleled diversity within the UK street furniture industry. Providing exceptional material options including Corten Steel, Performance Concrete, Aluminium, Stainless Steel & sustainable hardwoods, giving you, the specifier, all of the solutions to fulfil your most imaginative of concepts.

They also provide a full and professional consultative service on tailored and bespoke street furniture design, either adapting an existing product in their range or developing street furniture concepts from the start, to fulfil your aspirations.

Their extensive range of street furniture, includes chairs, bench seating, tables, bus & cycle shelters, litter bins, lighting solutions, cycle stands, planters, bollards, tree grilles, wayfinding and outdoor fitness equipment.
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Third party approval
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Third party approval
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Third party approval
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35 Chill Seat
Polyethylene chaise lounge.
- Q50 Site/street furniture/equipment
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35 Guide Bollard
Illuminated bollard.
- N91 External signage and interpretation, Q50 Site/street furniture/equipment
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35 Loop Bike Rack
Cast aluminium bike rack.
- Q50 Site/street furniture/equipment

Image gallery

Anodised Aluminium - FGP Seat
Artform Urban
Cafe Cycle Stand - in Corten Steel
Cobra Bench - Brunswick Park
Connect Shelter
Go Outdoors Table

Quality Assurance

Artform Urban Furniture Limited is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
CHAS Accredited

Trade names

Aero Recycling Litter Bin
Agata Bench
Air Picnic Table
Air-Port Bench
Alcott Lighting
Alfa-Beta-Gamma Planter
Alhena Shelter
Altus Latus Display Board
Ambra Bench
Anastasio-Makatite-Realgar Seat
Annapolis Bollard
Annunci Display stand
Apollo Cycle Stand
Arboris Tree Grille
Arcata Seat
Artform Urban Furniture
Arts Shelter
Ashbery Path Light
Ashbery Pedestrian Light
Ashbery Wall Mount Light
Aster Planter
Atena Shelter
Athos Information Panel
Austen Planter
Austin Bench
Austin Litter Bin
Austin Seat
Bach Notice Board
Balzac Planter
Bambu Planter
B-B Sass Barbecue
B-BQ Barbecue
Bernie Stool
Big Harris Bench
BikeBox Cycle Storage
Biplano Cycle Stand
Blades Litter Bin
Bloom Litter Bin
Bola Cycle Stand
Botte Litter Bin
Box litter Bin
Bravo Boom Litter Bin
Bravo Slik Hole Litter Bin
Bull Picnic Table
Bull Seat
C3 Interior Litter Bin
Café Cycle Stand
Calyx Tree Grille
Campus Seat
Canape Double Bench
Cann Bench
Carousel Picnic Table
Catena Chair
C-BQ Barbecue
Cestis Litter Bin
Cestum Litter Bin
Chamonix Notice Board
Charlie Picnic Table
Chase Park Litter Bin
Chase Park Seat
Chiave Cycle Stand
Chill Seat
Chipman Chair
Chipman Stool
Chipman Table
Cica Cigarette Bin
Ciclos Cycle Rack
Circle Cycle Stand
Clos Cycle Stand
Cobra Bench
Cochran Chair
Cochran Lounger
Cochran Side Table
Collect Litter Bin
Compound Bench
Conga Litter Bin
Connect Rail Bench
Connect Shelter 2.0
Conservancy Recycling Litter Bin
Corallo Bollard
Corte Litter Bin
Cortomadere Seat
Cosmos Information Post
Cruna Cycle Stand
Cube Bollard
Cup Litter Bin
Cyclus Cycle Stand
Dahlia Planter
Dea-Diva-Lua-Ela-Stella Seat
Delinea Barrier
Diamante Seat
Diane Bench
Diffusion News Bollard
Domus Seat
Duplus Information Post
Eccentrica Planter
Ecoside Recycling Bin
Elli Planter
Emerson Cycle Stand
Ercole Litter Bin
Ermes Litter Bin
Explosion Bollard
Expo Display Board
FGP Bench
FGP Cycle Stand
FGP Litter Bin
FGP Path Light
FGP Pedestrian Light
FGP Seat
Flo Cycle Stand
Flo Planter
Flora Tree Grille
Flores Planter
Foglia Shelter
Foresta Bench
Freccia Seat
Fu Cigarette Bin
Fuma Cigarette Bin
Gala Flower Bed Guard
Gavitello Litter Bin
Gene Cigarette Bin
Genesis Bollard / Barrier
Giada Bench
Gitter Barrier
Go Outdoor Table
GPDUE Shelter
Gretchen Litter Bin
Gretchen Picnic Table
Gretchen Seat
Guardia Cycle Stand
Guide Illuminated Bollard
Gus Planter
Halls Litter Bin
Harris Isola Bench
Harris Seat
Hawthorne Street Lighting
Head Cycle Stand
Helmut Interior Planter
Hesperia Bollard
Hi-Glo Light
Hoba Bench
Hopop 500
HopOp 500 Light
Horn Bench
Hut Shelter
Ibox Bench
Icaro Notice Board
Ideas L Seat
Ideas T Bench
Inside Cycle Stand
Isometrica Seat
Jangir Maddadi
Kaleidoscope Shelter
Lakeside Bench
Lakeside Litter Bin
Lakeside Planter
Lakeside Seat
Lancillotto Litter Bin
Land Tree Grille
Landscape Forms
Larkspur Planter
Leo External Lighting
Libre Seat
Libre Settore Seat
Libre Torsion Seat
Littera Tree Grille
Lo-Glo Path Light
Loop Arc
Loop Bench
Loop Cone Backrest
Loop Cone Planter
Loop Cone Table
Loop Corner
Loop Cushion
Loop Cycle Stand
Loop Light
Loop Line
Loop Picnic Set
Loop Playfield
Loop Table
Lorenz Seat
Lounge Planter
Lucchetto Cycle Stand
Magic Bollard
Marco Boom Litter Bin
Maschera Panelling
Melville Bench
Melville Seat
Merak Shelter
Merenda Bench / Table
Meteor Bench
Mikado Cycle Stand
Mingle Picnic Table
Mizar Seat
Mo Cigarette Bin
Moka Bollard
Mood Seat
Moonstone Bench
Morrison Table
MultipliCITY Bench
MultipliCITY Cycle Stand
MultipliCITY Litter Bin
MultipliCITY Path Light
MultipliCITY Picnic Table
MultipliCITY Seat
My Beast
My Equilibria
Natural Puzzle Bench
Nuvola Picnic Set
Nuvola Seat
Nuvola Table
Obra Tree Grille
Ollie Chair
Omnibus Shelter
Onice Planter
Oval Cycle Stand
Pack Litter Bin
Pad Bench
Palisade Bench
Parallel 42 Bench
Parc Centre Chair
Parc Centre Table
Parc Lounge Chair
Parc Vue Bench
Parc Vue Litter Bin
Parc Vue Seat
Pencil Bollard
Pensilis 1223 Shelter
Pensilis 1722 Shelter
Perla C Tree Grille
Perla Q Tree Grille
PicNic Picnic Table
Pit Stop Cycle Stand
Pitch Litter Bin
Pitocca Planter
Plainwell Litter Bin
Plainwell Seat
Plateau Picnic Table
Platinum Seat
Plexus Litter Bin
Plexus Seat
Pod Litter Bin
Poe Litter Bin
Point Sun
Ponte Bench
Pouf - Divano - Trono Bench
Presidio Bench
Presidio Litter Bin
Presidio Seat
Quarzo Litter Bin
Quick Bollard
Reset Cycle Stand
Rest Seat
Ride Cycle Stand
Ring Cycle Stand
Riva Seat
Rivola Seat
Rosa Planter
Rubino Litter Bin
Sarah Bench
Scarborough Bin
Scarborough Seat
Scrambler Cigarette Bin
Scudo Smoking Bin
Sedis Seat
Select Recycling Bin
Self Shelter
Senna Display Stand
Sentinel Bollard
Set Litter Bin
Sigaro Bollard
Signal Street Lighting
Silver Cycle Stand
Single Fox Litter Bin
Sit Bench
Sit Seat
Size Planter
Smart City Shelter
Sophie Seat
Sorella Planter
Space Shelter
Spencer Litter Bin
Spring D Bollard
Spring P Cycle Stand
Spyra Cycle Stand
Stay Bench
Stay Seat
Steely Can Litter Bin
Stella Table
Stelo Tree Grille
Stone Bench
Stop Illuminated Bollard
Strata Beam Bench
Strata Beam Seat
Strata Beam Table
Strata Bench
Sunny Tree Grille
Super Bravo Litter Bin
Ted Display Stand
Tom Litter Bin
Torres Area Light
Torres Catenary Light
Torres Path Light
Torres Wall Mount Light
Toso Bench
Towne Square Seat
Traverse Chair
Tree Line Bench
Triangle Planter
Tulip Litter Bin
Twin Bench
Twister Tree Grille
Uluru Bench
Union Bench
Union Concrete Bench
Union Panorama Bench
Union Yacht Bench
Up Bench
Valencia Seat
Verona Chair
Verso Barrier
V-Form Barrier
Victor Bench
Vision Bollard
Volo Seat
Wellspring Chair
Wellspring Litter Bin
Wellspring Seat
Wellspring Table
Windmark Chair
Windmark Table
Word Bollard
Yes Litter Bin
Ypsilon Shelter
Zaffiro Bollard

Contact details

Adlington Business Park,
London Road,
Cheshire, SK10 4NL
Tel +44 (0)1625 877554

Alternative contacts

David Pringle
Managing Director,
t: 0800 542 8118 ,
int: +44(0) 1625 877554
Ian Stevenson
Architectural Project Manager,
West of England, London & Wales,
t: 0800 542 8118 ,
int: +44(0) 1625 877554
Steven Ford
Architectural Project Manager,
Scotland, Ireland & East of England,
t: 0800 542 8118 ,
int: +44(0) 1625 877554
Thomas Thorman
Artform Urban Internal Sales,
t: 0800 542 8118 ,
int: +44(0) 1625 877554

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