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The ASI Group, with its world headquarters based in the United States, in New York, is a set of well aligned companies that are privately owned and operated. With roots as far back as 1957 these companies manufacture commercial washroom accessories, washroom cubicle partitioning, lockers and other storage devises and visual display products.

American Specialties Inc. (ASI), provides a wide collection of commercial washroom accessories, with products ranging from paper towel and waste bins, foam and liquid soap dispensers, high speed automatic hand dryers, baby changing units and toilet tissue dispensers, to mirrors, feminine hygiene vendors and disposals, disabled grab rails, shower rails and shower seats, as well as health care accessories and security accessories.

While the ASI Group has traded in the UK for a number of years, in 2012 the company forged partnerships with UK-based firms to promote growth and are investing heavily into larger and wider distribution channels with a full UK product launch in 2013. To support an expanding global footprint, ASI Group has built distribution centres in the USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, and most recently in Australia with its 2013 acquisition.
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3-in-1 paper towel dispenser with waste receptacle and automatic hand dryer
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A marriage of European design and engineering with the American manufacturing ingenuity you have ...
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Energy efficient hand dryers from ASI with classic styling, powerful and fast drying all have no ...

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0197 TURBO-Dri™
20200 TRI-Umph™ High-Speed Hand Dryer
9012 Surface Mounted Baby Changing Unit
9013 Baby Changing Unit
Grab Rail
Roval™ Automatic Soap Dispenser

Trade names

ASI Alpaco
ASI Global Partitions
ASI Group
ASI Group Canada
ASI JD MacDonald
ASI Storage Solutions
ASI Visual Display Products
Global Partitions

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Wijtschotbaan 3/1,
2900 Schoten,
Tel +32 033609120

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ASI Alpaco Sales
Werner Bogaert
Tel +32 473 36 38 55