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Ayrshire Metals are one of Britain’s leading manufacturers of cold rolled steel profiles, offering quality products & reliable service. With over 50 years specialist experience, their Quality Management systems comply with BSEN ISO 9001 & their products are manufactured in accordance with BSEN 1090-1 & 1090-2 to execution class 4.
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Cold rolled from 2.5 and 1.5 mm steel coil.
- G10 Structural steel framing
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A lightweight high strength modular steel building system for fast track construction.
- G10 Structural steel framing
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Ayrshire Steel Framing System
Load bearing Steel Stud And Track System, rapid dry envelope construction.
- G10 Structural steel framing, K10 Gypsum board dry linings/ partitions/ ceilings

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Royal Oak Way,
Northamptonshire, NN11 8NR
Tel +44 (0)1327 300990
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