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Barrisol's unique solutions for walls and ceilings are luminous, acoustic, 3D, printed, mirror, climatisation and non-combustible A2-s1-d0 (GTS). Receiving over 50 awards in recognition of innovation in creating quality products with outstanding technical characteristics and exceptional aesthetic. Barrisol materials adaptability allows for the most adventurous forms, emphasised by excellence in workmanship, Barrisol becomes an essential tool for the creative mind.

Comprising of over 20 systems and an unlimited colour palette, Barrisol delivers a complete range of products for every design professional. Choose from numerous finishes or add a personal touch by printing your own image.

Barrisol sheets provide excellent acoustics, including standard and luminous acoustic walls and ceilings, Arcolis acoustic custom made panels, Microsober for acoustic performance to glass windows and GTS for A2-s1-do acoustic solutions, Barrisol can be customised to suit your acoustic requirements including the possibility to print the décor of your choice.

Barrisol is helping you meet criteria for BREEAM and LEED. Profiles and sheets with harpoon are 100% recyclable, contain a minimum of 40% post recycled material, our Biosource range is made of 30% plant-based material. Sheets are rated A+ (best VOC achievement) and carry appropriate fire certification.
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Barrisol 3D Light® - Arch.: Tanner Kibble Denton
Barrisol 3D® - Arch.: Concept Consult Architects
Barrisol Acoustic Light®-Arch.: SSH International
Barrisol Acoustics® - Arch.: GMW Architects
Barrisol Acoustics® - Arch.: Snøhetta Architects
Barrisol Acoustics® -Arch.: CICO&Roger Taillibert


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Route Du Sipes,
68680 Kembs,
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Damian Stokes
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Tel +44 7745 697 857

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