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Blocks and bricks

Durable, weight-bearing blocks or bricks for use in masonry.

Bricks are common ceramic construction blocks available in standard shapes and sizes, and usually comprise clay and shale. Bonded with mortar, bricks are used in permanent structures. Facing bricks may be manufactured, hand moulded or wire-cut for different aesthetic effects. Engineering bricks are designed for performance with increased resistance to ice and thaw and higher tensile strength. Air bricks and clay bridging ducts provide ventilation through cavity walls.

Cement blocks or breeze blocks may offer a cheaper alternative, sometimes injected with colour pigments for visual effect. Reconstituted stone blocks contain stone fragments bonded with cement.

Brick and block cutting services cut and bond bricks to specific angles to suit design requirements. Brick and blockwork reinforcement strengthens masonry, for example using stainless steel reinforcing bars or expanded metal lath.

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