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Precast concrete beams and columns is an aesthetic and efficient method of concrete frame construction. Increasingly, architects seek visibility of the structural form, whilst maintaining elegance and structural integrity. Traditional brackets and corbels are difficult and costly to form, reduce headroom and compromise architectural clean lines. For high-load beam connections (up to 1100 kN), the BSF system incorporates a solid high-strength steel knife to transfer loads between beams and columns, or beams to beams. BSF connectors leave a smooth soffit and are also suitable for round columns or skewed angle connections. Owing to simplicity of installation, BSF connectors offer improved appearance and better on site health and safety than rolled steel angle (RSA) or corbel connections.

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BSF Beam Connectors
Steel connectors for precast concrete beams.
- E40 Designed joints in in situ concrete, E60 Precast concrete floors/ roof decks

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