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BSW's production of constuction timbers are manufactured to high standards in the UK. This provides customers with fit-for-purpose, locally sourced, FSC-certified products for low carbon projects.


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Timeless Timber Decking
Timber decking.
- Q55 External decks, boardwalks and bridges
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Warrior - Absorptive Acoustic Fence Panels
Absorptive acoustic motorway fencing.
- Q40 Fencing
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Warrior - Reflective Acoustic Fence Panels
Reflective acoustic motorway fencing.
- Q40 Fencing

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Technical drawing
Warrior Soundshield Fencing - Double sided reflective sound screen, steel section posts
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Product catalogue
Suitable for domestic and commercial applications, British Larch has comparable durability to im...
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Product catalogue
As one of the largest UK suppliers of acoustic systems, our innovative ranges of Soundshield acou...

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Carlisle Sawmills,
Cumbria, CA6 4BA
Tel +44(0)8005878887
Fax +44 (0)800 587 8897
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