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Building systems

Building systems comprise structures, finishes, services, fittings defined by material or specialist feature. Can include whole buildings delivered to site.
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Tecno W-Qube Pod
W-Qube is a plug-and-play system of micro-settings, designed in a functionally independent way with respect to the surrounding architecture, which is ideal for co-working spaces and shared settings...
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A Trusted Partner - Company Overview Brochure - Hemsec Manufacturing
Our aim is, and always has been, to create trusted partnerships with our customers, and to supply them with the best quality insulated panels in the world, keeping excellent delivery times. As a co...
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Hemsec Manufacturing Insulated Panel Product Overview Brochure
When you need products with an unquestionable pedigree, youll find them here at Hemsec. For absolute confidence Hemsec started manufacturing insulated panels for cold stores in 1928, and have remai...
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Christo Riser Door
by Simplis
Designed and fire tested specifically for use in riser shafts running through larger buildings. The Simplis fire tested Christo Riser Doors provide protection to riser openings preventing fire esca...
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KOMO Certificate
Every product for a building or infrastructure sector that is provided under KOMO certification meets very strict quality requirements*. Only when accredited, independent certification institutions...
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