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Building systems

Building systems comprise structures, finishes, services, fittings defined by material or specialist feature. Can include whole buildings delivered to site.
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Simplis - SLIK+ Brochure
by Simplis
The spring loaded flap pushes out of the way to allow the key access to the lock. When the key is withdrawn the flap automatically closes behind.
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Simplis - Pocket Doors Case Study
by Simplis
Ermetika worked with the architect and interior design team to totally transform the interior of this apartment. The Evolution Max style was chosen to reliably create the oversized door openings fo...
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Breezefree Brochure
A brochure outlining the design ethos and scope of services and products offered by Breezefree.
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Breezefrees awnings come in a wide variety of designs, ranging from traditional Victorian styles through to modern butterfly awnings. Ideal for most locations and budgets, their combination of reli...
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Pergola Awnings
Providing fully adjustable shade and shelter over a wide area, pergola awnings make the perfect choice for larger terrace spaces. Constructed from durable materials and with minimal maintenance req...
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Pagodas and Tensile Structures
Breezefrees pagodas are tensile roof structures that combine cutting-edge materials with the more traditional styling of a marquee or gazebo. Modular in nature, their endless configurations make th...
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Attractive and practical, Breezefrees extensive range of commercial parasols, jumbrellas or giant umbrellas are suitable for most outdoor spaces. Whatever the weather, they provide reliable shelter...
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Cameron Close - Isle of White
H+Hs Thin-Joint System has been used in the construction of a Passivhaus development of 16 semi-detached houses and 12 sheltered accommodation apartments at Cameron Close, Freshwater, on the Isle o...
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Designing & Building with Aircrete
In this guide we bring together the two areas for using aircrete, the design process and Building. This brochure has been written to help architects and specifiers achieve the most efficient desig...
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Fielding Meadow, Leicestershire
All of the 36 homes on the Cawrey Homes Fielding Meadow development are built to level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, making use of a fabric first approach, with H+H aircrete blockwork, coupl...
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