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Founded in 1935, Calor offers all the benefits of mains gas to businesses and homeowners where mains gas is not available. We are the UK's leading supplier of LPG.

We combine more than eight decades of specialist expertise with an impressive customer support infrastructure to operate the only nationwide LPG distribution network.

This includes one of UK’s largest LPG storage facilities and 16 strategically positioned bulk distribution depots, with 11,000 cylinder stockists available. This means wherever in the UK our customers are based, security of supply is assured.

We offer businesses a cleaner, greener alternative to oil, solid fuels and electricity to power their buildings.

With the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy targeting dramatic reductions in the UK’s carbon footprint over the next decade, Calor LPG can help businesses cut their carbon emissions by 20% compared to any other fossil fuel.

Calor’s BioLPG, produced from a mix of sustainably-sourced, renewable and waste materials, enables companies to reduce emissions still further, with CO2 savings of 38% compared to oil. Identical in its use to conventional LPG, it can be blended and used for all existing LPG appliances.
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Quality Assurance

Calor Gas Ltd is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
ISO 9001: 2015 – BSI

Trade names

Calor LNG
Calor LPG

Contact details

Athena House,
Athena Drive,
Tachbrook Park,
Warwickshire, CV34 6RL
Tel +44 (0)800 121 4561
Fax +44 (0)870 400 6904

Alternative contacts

Tel +44 (0)800 626626

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