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We have created grilles for hundreds of projects and buildings over the ten years we've been making them. We've replicated cast iron square hole grilles for Kier constructions restoration of the 13th century college of Peterhouse at Cambridge university and other more recent buildings across the country. Cast iron made to measure grilles are cut to order from 3ft long grey iron grilles we have in stock. Using these grilles (nine different widths) we then cut them to create over 250 different sized grilles. We can supply them drilled or undrilled in the corners, with or without copper fly screen and paint them before delivery. The made to measure grilles are normally ready for dispatch the following week after the customer has placed the order.

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Made to Measure Square Hole Grilles
Cast iron square hole vent grilles - available in a range of sizes made to order.
- F30 Accessories/ sundry items for brick/ block/ stone walling, Q10 Kerbs/ edgings/ channels/ paving accessories

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