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Cavity wall insulation


Thermal wall insulation systems, injected, inserted or blown into new or existing masonry cavity walls, to protect against heat loss, defined by material; for External insulation of external walls see (41); for Natural insulation products see (T) Green applications, resources.
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Walltite Spray Foam Insulation - Technical Guide
ECON Polyurethanes are the exclusive BASF Distributor of Construction Polyurethanes for the UK and Ireland. We are dedicated to providing high performance cost effective materials in line with ...
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Walltite Technical Guide - Hard to Treat Areas
WALLTITE CV 100 polyurethane foam system may be used to treat a masonry cavity wall by injecting the liquid polyurethane system through properly spaced holes in the outer leaf.
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Technitherm TDS
Technitherm is a totally CFC & HCFC FREE two component 1:1 mix ratio rigid polyurethane foam which complies with requirements of BS 7457:1994 for the stabilisation and thermal insulation of mas...
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Insulation solutions for masonry cavity walls
Our recommended masonry cavity wall solution is full-fill, either injected (Supafil) built-in using slabs (Earthwool DriTherm Cavity Slabs). Full-fill systems not only provide the best U-value to ...
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Insulation solutions for timber frame walls
Insulated external timber frame walls can provide better insulation performance than masonry walls of comparable thickness. Timber frame is also widely recognised as the most environmentally friend...
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Insulation solutions for cladded walls
Rainscreen cladding systems comprise outer cladding panels that are bolted to a supporting framework of rails, which are supported by brackets fixed through a thermal break pad back to the building...
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Insulation solutions for light steel frame walls
Light steel framing is extensively used due to its good thermal and structural behaviour. Heat loss reduction and thermal comfort have been the main driving forces defining the design of these fram...
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Insulation solutions for party walls
Party wall thermal bypass occurs where cold air enters the uninsulated party wall cavity at exposed edges. The cavity creates a chimney effect and the cold air rises as it is heated by heat conduct...
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GEOCELL Foam Glass Bubbles
GEOCELL® Foam Glass Bubbles have great free-flowing properties due to their spherical shape. They easily fill every void in beamed ceilings, floors and walls for thermal insulation. It is also very...
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ARC Fire Stop Strip
ARC Fire Stop Strip offers a fire rated void filler for masonry construction » Up to four hours fire integrity » Ideal for closing voids at the top of masonry walls » Suitable for both vertical and...
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