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Celbar is recycled environmentally friendly acoustic and thermal cavity fill insulation/void fill insulation for buildings made from paper based materials treated for fire retardancy. Celbar is loose fibre cavity insulation, meaning that when pumped into the cavity, it fills every corner, preventing air pockets where sound or heat may pass through; a problem that cavity insulation sheet materials can suffer from. Celbar acoustic cavity insulation can be pumped in extremely quickly by our experienced teams making large areas simple or it is available to purchase by the bag for self-installation by hand. By increasing void depth, extraordinarily high U Values are achievable for exceptional situations with Celbar recycled cavity insulation, often saving money on alternatives.

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Celbar Loosefill
100% recycled, organic cellulose fibre insulation, blown into party walls and floors to fill voids and increase the acoustic barrier performance of existing structures; acoustically outperforms fibreglass batts.
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