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Cembrit's range includes fibre-cement slates and Glendyne natural slates from Canada for pitched roofing, large format façade boards/ claddings for rainscreen cladding on vertical surfaces, building boards for render backing, tile backing, sheathing, partitions, fire rated applications and general purpose use. Fibre cement corrugated sheets are generally selected for single skin applications in aggressive environments such as livestock housing, industrial processes or storage of corrosive materials. Fibre cement slate formats include Westerland dressed edge textured surface, Moorland dressed edge smooth surface, Zeeland textured surface square edge, Jutland smooth surface square edge all for double lap slating. Cembrit natural slates are sourced from quarries with a track record supplying top quality slates for the UK climate. Fibre cement rainscreen claddings are available in through coloured autoclaved water resistant composition known as Cembonit or Patina. Fibre cement through coloured rainscreen cladding is branded Solid, fibre cement through coloured rainscreen cladding with a transparent coating is branded Transparent and fibre cement rainscreen cladding with a painted surface on a natural grey core is branded Cover. Renderbacker building board is branded PB. Lightweight ceramic tile backer building board is branded Unipan.
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Fibre cement slate; Westerland slate has an appearance very close to that of natural slate. Its a...
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Third party approval
IBU certification
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Third party approval
ISO 9001/14001 certification
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Cembrit PB
Water-resistant cement backing board.
- K11 Rigid sheet flooring/ sheathing/ decking/ sarking/ linings/ casings
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Glendyne Slates
Canadian blue/grey slates.
- H62 Natural slating
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Jutland Slates
A flat, square edged, pre-holed, lightweight slate.
- H61 Fibre cement slating

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Cembrit Cover
Cembrit Hd
Cembrit Multi Purpose
Cembrit Mutli Force (FR)
Cembrit Patina
Cembrit PB

Quality Assurance

Cembrit Ltd is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BS EN ISO 14001: 2015 – BSI
BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 – BSI
BBA Certificate 03/4041 – 03/4041 Cembrit Slates
BBA Certificate 03/4041_1 – 03/4041_1 Jutland Slates
BBA Certificate 03/4041_2 – 03/4041_2 Zeeland Slates
BBA Certificate 03/4041_3 – 03/4041_3 Westerland Slates
BBA Certificate 03/4041_4 – 03/4041_4 Moorland Slates
BBA Certificate 03/4049 – 03/4049 Cemsix
BBA Certificate 03/4049_2 Cemsix – 03/4049_2 Cemsix
BBA Certificate 18/5600 – 18/5600 Cover, Solid and Patina Cladding Panels

Trade names

Bitumen Shingles
Cembrit Cover
Cembrit Multi Force (FR)
Cembrit PB
Cembrit Plank
Cembrit Solid
Cembrit Transparent
Cembrit Unipan
Eastern White Cedar Shingles
Multi purpose Cembrit HD
Windstopper Extreme

Contact details

Studio 39,
Thames Innovation Centre,
2 Veridion Way,
Kent, DA18 4AL
Tel +44 (0)203 3722300

Alternative contacts

Cembrit Normanton
Unit 2 Foxbridge Way,
Normanton Industrial Estate,
West Yorkshire, WF6 1TN
Tel +44 (0)203 372 2300
Unit 54-60,
Milford Road,
Berkshire, RG1 8LH
Tel +44 (0)203 372 2300