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With innovative product systems, Codex stands for the professional installation of ceramic tiles and natural stone. From levelling compounds, adhesive and grouts, Codex offers a complete range of high-quality installation products. Whether it is large commercial tiling in new-build construction, refurbishment of a bathroom with mosaics or the installation of natural stone in a swimming-pool, Codex will provide a perfect solution.

Due to the growing demand for eco-friendly buildings, Codex has developed a range of solvent-free products which meet LEED and BREEAM certification. We can also bestow unbeatable knowledge on subfloor preparation and offer outstanding primers, surface treatments, levelling compounds and innovative damp-proofing system to meet your requirements. We also provide a range of low-emission adhesives for tiles or natural stone.
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Thanks to its closed surface codex X-Care is extremely stain resistant. Even the smallest dirt pa...
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Codex Acrylic Mastic Sealant
Acrylate sealing compound, ready to use, suitable for painting.
- M40 Stone/ Concrete/ Quarry/ Ceramic tiling/ Mosaic
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Codex AX 10
Liquid sealant.
- M40 Stone/ Concrete/ Quarry/ Ceramic tiling/ Mosaic
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Codex AX220
Flexible two-component sealing compound for use under ceramic floor coverings.
- M40 Stone/ Concrete/ Quarry/ Ceramic tiling/ Mosaic, Q25 Slab/ brick/ sett/ cobble pavings

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AX 10 sealant, ideal for waterproofing bathrooms
Brillant color xtra grout available in 21 colours
Brillant cristal grout prevents discolouration
codex balcony system ensures water drains away
codex has a range of adhesive for all requirements
FG 500 is used in our anhydrite DPM system

Quality Assurance

Codex is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 – EQA
BS EN ISO 14001: 2004 – EQA

Trade names

Brillant Colour Xtra
Brillant Cristal
Brillant Flex
Brillant Objekt
Epo Tix
Epo Tix L
FM 50 Turbo
NC 366 Maxx
Power CX 3
Power CX 5
Power Fluxx
Power Grip
Power Maxx
Power Mix
Power Plus
Power Plus Turbo
Power RX 6 Turbo
Stone Plus
Stone SX 20 Trass
Stone SX 40 Grey
Stone SX 80 Cristal
UZIN Multimoll SoftSonic
UZIN MultiMoll Top 15
UZIN MultiMoll Top 4
UZIN Multimoll Top 9