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Strong composite building material made from the combination of aggregate and cement binder.

This page lists aggregate suppliers and concrete block manufacturers for use in a wide range of building projects.

Concrete is a durable and long-lasting material, regularly reinforced with steel bars or ‘rebars’. Prestressed concrete is reinforced with prestressing tendons of tensioned steel rod or cable to increase its tensile strength. Precast concrete, e.g. concrete blocks and masonry units are moulded and cured offsite, then transported to the project.

Concrete admixtures and additives help overcome common pitfalls in the material. Chemical cement admixtures improve water resistance, appearance, or durability. Concrete accelerators or retarders speed up or slow hardening, whilst concrete plasticisers improve workability. Mineral admixtures such as fly ash, lime or silica fume may also improve quality. Recycled materials used in aggregate help improve the green credentials of the material.

Suppliers and manufacturers of cement, cement admixtures, concrete blocks and aggregate can all be found here.

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Aggregate Industries dives in at the deep end of £15m revamp of Centre Parcs Sherwood Forest
Aggregate Industries’ innovative and highly-durable Watertight concrete mix proved the winning formula during the ongoing renovation of Center Parcs’ indoor water park at Sherwood Forest.
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Aggregate Industries provides a Watertight™ solution to North West Cambridge development
Aggregate Industries has supplied 3,000m3 of its innovative and highly-durable Watertight concrete mix to the North West Cambridge Development – the University of Cambridge’s ambitious £1bn scheme ...
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Long Ashes Park pine lodges, Yorkshire
A development of eleven pine lodges crafted to the highest standards and inspired by Scandinavian living.
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Center Parcs, Bedfordshire
We supplied concrete blocks and Rough Dressed walling block to Center Parcs' development. High quality woodland lodges, designed with family holidays and the environment in mind.
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Ailsworth Housing Development, Peterborough
Bespoke property development completed using Bradstone Conservation roofing slates.
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Redrow Homes, Cirencester
A high quality property development with conservation and sustainability at its heart, completed using our concrete blocks, roofing slates and walling blocks.
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Longmead Close property development, Somerset
A quality development incorporating high quality reconstructed stone walling products.
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Wintergap barn conversion, Yorkshire
A barn conversion with a specification of the highest standards, completed using Bradstone Old Quarried roofing slates.
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Grassington fire station
Grassington fire station was given a new look thanks to Bradstone Old Quarried roofing slates.
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The Anchor Premier Inn Hotel, North Yorkshire
Premier Travel Inn extension utilising reconstructed stone roofing slates and Square Dressed walling.
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