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Strong composite building material made from the combination of aggregate and cement binder.

This page lists aggregate suppliers and concrete block manufacturers for use in a wide range of building projects.

Concrete is a durable and long-lasting material, regularly reinforced with steel bars or ‘rebars’. Prestressed concrete is reinforced with prestressing tendons of tensioned steel rod or cable to increase its tensile strength. Precast concrete, e.g. concrete blocks and masonry units are moulded and cured offsite, then transported to the project.

Concrete admixtures and additives help overcome common pitfalls in the material. Chemical cement admixtures improve water resistance, appearance, or durability. Concrete accelerators or retarders speed up or slow hardening, whilst concrete plasticisers improve workability. Mineral admixtures such as fly ash, lime or silica fume may also improve quality. Recycled materials used in aggregate help improve the green credentials of the material.

Suppliers and manufacturers of cement, cement admixtures, concrete blocks and aggregate can all be found here.

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Waterproofing vaults (using Type C Systems)
Vaults are a common feature of 18th and 19th century buildings in Bath. Originally built to support the cobbled streets above and were a constructional response to the precipitous topography that s...
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Tunnel Waterproofing, London Underground
The brief of this project was to carry out a trial on a section of track (the Metropolitan Line) located close to Farringdon station to provide an elastic, permanent repair waterproofing solution w...
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North London Synagogue - Structural Waterproofing Basement
This project is unusual and offered an interesting scope. Delta was approached to give assistance on designing a robust waterproofing solution to a new build basement within a Synagogue in North L...
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SIKA SUPPLIES PROVEN TOP TO BOTTOM SOLUTION FOR HISTORIC BUILDING REFURBISHMENT Sika showcased the scope of its construction sector specialisms during the refurbishment and conversion of an histori...
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Triton watertight concrete waterproofs lift shafts
Triton Systems approved contractor, British Damp Proofing, installed products supplied by Triton Systems to waterproof two lift shafts in a development of 25 dwellings. Triton Bentonite Membrane wa...
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Kilworth Springs Golf Course
HMS have completed a number of surface installations at one of Leicestershire's premier golf courses, Kilworth Springs. This has included an area of specially designed HMS Flexi®Paving; a por...
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The Madison, London E14 (Ferbox)
As a trusted supplier to Morrisroe, Invisible Connections provided a reinforcement continuity strip solution for this 53 storey superstructure. At early stage construction, we were called upon to p...
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Southbank Place, London SE1 (Ferbox)
Invisible Connections were already engaged with Southbank Place (supplying telescopic connectors), when Expanded Structures invited us to assist with a complex reinforcement continuity strip design...
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Leadenhall Building, London (TSS 41)
The iconic Leadenhall Building gains its structural robustness from the steel lattice frame, visible on the outside. The internal concrete walls do not need to act as the stiff core, but still requ...
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Skanska Bentley Works, Doncaster (BSF)
To help Skanska meet their ambitious timescale for the ‘Deep Green’ redevelopment of 5,000 sqm of workshops and offices, Invisible Connections were engaged to provide engineering advice regarding p...
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