Structures attached to houses and composed partly or entirely of glass; for glazing methods see Ro Glass.
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Cellar, Basement, Soil and Sewer Vent
Cast iron stand alone vent, used for centuries in properties around the country and now very much in vogue. This charming vent has two functions, either to connect to the stack of a sewar pipe to p...
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cast Iron Stove and Log Burner Vents
The Stove and Fire Vent is the ideal interior vent to compliment a log burner or stove. The cast iron body is available in a polished pewter effect, which has been hand finished by us in our worksh...
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Using Cast Iron Imperial 9x3 Air Bricks with Metric Cavity Wall Duct and Periscope
Imperial air bricks are about the size of a Victorian brick which is around 9 x 3 inch or 225 x 75mm. They are quite a bit smaller than a metric air brick which is 8 ½ x 2 ½ inch or 213 x 66mm. The...
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Cast Iron Long Ventilation and Drainage Grilles
Cast iron long gratings and grilles are made from grey iron, cast in sand moulds bonded with resin to a fine cast finish and are available in various widths. They are imperial so are predominantl...
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Cast Iron Vent and Drainage Grilles
S[pecifcation of a range of British made cast iron vent and drainage grilles. Huge range of styles and sizes ranging from 70mm square up to 530mm square. These grilles are used across a wide range...
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Cast Iron vents and Grilles - Made To measure
We have created grilles for hundreds of projects and buildings over the ten years we've been making them. We've replicated cast iron square hole grilles for Kier constructions restoration o...
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Size Guide for Cast Iron Made to Measure Grilles
Here are the sizes we can make in square hole pattern from cast iron square hole gratings. Our grilles are ideal for installation within period properties during restoration and repointing of brick...
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Cast Iron Channel Drainage
The Quatrefoil cast iron gratings are exclusive to the Cast Iron Air Brick and although they can be used vertically for ventilation they are more often used as Drainage gratings in conjunction with...
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David Salisbury Hardware Options
David Salisbury Commercial offers a wide range of hardware options, whether for your next timber windows or timber doors contract. Also available for specification with our award-winning bespoke o...
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