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Domestic and commercial appliances using a number of fuels.
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Calor Industrial Market Applications
Overview diagram of our specialist energy service for large businesses.
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Welcome Brochure
As a Calor Gas customer, you need only focus on the cost and carbon reductions that we generate plus the flexible convenience that gas has to offer over oil. We see it as our role to identify the ...
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Hospitality From Calor Gas
From a mobile catering van to local country pub, no matter how big or small, a reliable source of energy is must to keep your customers satisfied. Where mains gas isnt available, Calor Gas LPG is a...
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BioLPG, exclusively available from Calor, is a renewable fuel created from wastes, residues and renewable vegetable oils. LPG is already a low-carbon fuel compared to other fossil fuels, but BioLP...
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