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RIBA Accredited CPD (3)

The following CPD Providers Network material is available from Coopers Fire Ltd:
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  • Active Fire Curtain Barriers External link (Seminar)
    This CPD will discuss fire curtain barriers and the governing standards that regulate their use. From compartmentation to protecting a means of escape, this seminar will illustrate when and where f...
  • Active Smoke Barriers External link (Seminar)
    - This comprehensive, educational seminar provides delegates with an informative account of smoke curtain barriers, their applications and the integral role they play when installed within the buil...
  • BS 8524 The New British Standard for Active Fire Curtain Barrier Assemblies External link (Seminar)
    - An educational seminar designed to introduce the recently published BS 8524-1 and -2 for active ?re curtain barriers will enrich professionals with a clear and comprehensive understanding of the ...

Further Information

Further information on some of the training offered by Coopers Fire Ltd and the locations served is available:
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CPD Department +44 (0)23 9245 4405 info@coopersfire.com