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Curtain walling


Framing systems attached to building façades and infilled with glass or other sheet materials; for rainscreen overcladding see Wall cladding panels (41).
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Tecsound® SY50 ALU
Tecsound SY50 ALU (Aluminium Faced) is a self-adhesive, visco-elastic membrane with an aluminium facing which acts is a decorative facing especially in industrial settings. This helps to reduce air...
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AluK Specification Guide
Find all the information about the AluK aluminium window, door and curtain walling systems in the Specification Guide.
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AluK SG52 Curtain Walling System Datasheet
The SG52 is a structurally bonded, toggle glazed and thermally broken system which enables specifiers to create impressive, continual expanses of glass.
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AluK SG52 Curtain Walling System Datasheet
The SG50 is a structural glazed curtain wall designed to offer optimal performance through a combination of unique profile design and thermal optimisation.
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AluK AW86 Unitised Curtain Walling System Datasheet
The AW86 system has been designed and engineered to support the construction of high-rise building envelopes where unitised frames are fabricated in the factory and installed on site by crane witho...
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NBS Sample specification - Contraflam / Pyroswiss / Vetroflam in bespoke Glazed Screen/ Door clause
NBS Sample specification: example of Contraflam / Pyroswiss / Vetroflam glazing in bespoke Glazed Screen/ Door clause L40_561
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VELFAC Composite windows CWCT certified
VELFAC and CWCT worked together to develop both the test rig and testing sequence; the whole test procedure was undertaken by Taylor Woodrow and overseen by CWCT. Having worked so closely with CWC...
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VELFAC Composite Windows Providing Low Energy Buildings
When it comes to windows and energy there is a lot more to consider than just U-values. A window is not like a brick wall, where the focus is simply on the ability of that wall to keep the cold out...
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Epwin Window Systems overview
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