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Disposal systems

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Newton Complete Guide To Waterproofing 2018
The Newton complete guide to waterproofing includes solutions for new and existing structures. It is comprehensive, includes case studies, product information, the British Standard requirements, gr...
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Green Roof - M-Tray®
2 page flyer with information on M-Tray® modular green roof system - product details and site references
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Drainage Systems for Below Ground
BLÜCHER® EuroPipe is the ideal drainage system for belowground use. The stainless steel systems offers the specifier and installer a metallic push-fit, lightweight and cost effective drainage syste...
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BLUCHER Main brochure
Floor drains, industrial floor drains, channels & kitchen channels, and pipes & fittings
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Roof Drains & Pipes
BLUCHER offers a stainless steel roof drainage system suitable for: * Flat roofs of all designs * Downpipes from roofs of all designs * Roofs with bitumen or single ply roof membrane * Equally s...
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Eurocell Closed Loop Recycling
Eurocell has its own post-consumer PVC-U recycling plant in Derbyshire which recycles 22,000+ tonnes of reclaimed PVC-U each year, enabling us to create an endless closed-loop of recycling and re-u...
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VMZINC RWS 2017 - Half Round, Box & Other Profiles
Guidelines for design and installation. Half Round rainwater system. Box gutters and other profiles.
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Hepworth Clay Product Guide
Hepworth Clay has built a reputation second to none for product quality, technical ability and customer service something we are rightly proud of. We offer a complete range of drainage systems, of...
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Hepworth Terracotta Trade Price List 1st March 2019
Hepworth Terracotta offers a comprehensive range of products for the construction and ventilation of domestic flue and chimney systems including a range of chimney pots, ventilation terminals, gas ...
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Hepworth Terracotta Product Guide
Terracotta is an extraordinary material that is naturally resistant to the effects of acid corrosion, extremes in temperature, weathering and other environmental factors. And, at Hepworth, we have ...
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