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Domestic fitted kitchen units


Domestic kitchen equipment of all kinds including units, worktops, cupboards, sinks and appliances.
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09 Monochrom
Though-colour core HPL & Compact
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01 Polyrey Plain Colours
A selection of plain colours in PREMIER finishes, as well as as a range of matching graphic patterns.
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04 Polyrey Signature
A decor library at your disposal; create your own design and bring your very own project to life.
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Commonly Used Types of Stone
Descriptions and technical data for some of the most commonly specified types of marble, granite and limestone including Carrara, Portland Stone, Zimbabwe Black.
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Specifying Stone Responsibly
An examination of the specification of natural stone from the point of view of its sustainability, environmental impact and effect on human health and well-being.
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Modern Stonemasonry Techniques
An examination of the modern machinery and techniques used in modern stonemasonry.
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Specifying the correct stone for your project
The term natural stone is a broad one covering a multitude of different types of stone which look very different and have different properties. This paper looks at what to consider when specifying ...
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Arpa for UK
More than 250 decors in thin HPL in stock made to spark creativity and create new interior design solutions. Our UK 0.8mm Post forming HPL has an FR Class 1 Certification, as standard
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FENIX for Interiors
The Smart Big Thing for Interior Design
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Encore Installation Instructions
Information on Encore Installation Instructions
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