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Designed for internal use, the TS92 and TS 91 closers are tested & approved to EN 1154 and are offered in two EN sizes: 2-4 and 3. Of Contur design they may be used for fire & smoke check purposes. Closers are non-handed, easy to use and have a fully controlled closing action. Two regulating valves enable optimum adaptability of closing speed with reliable latching. Accessories include cushioned limit stay, hold-open units, mounting backplate, saddle plate and angle bracket. Closers are, selectively, available in white and special colours, silver, stainless steel and polished brass.

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TS 91 door closer
Cam-action door closer in Contur design, for interior applications; fixed closing force.
- P21 Door/ window ironmongery
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TS 92 door closer
Cam-action door closer in Contur design, for interior applications; adjustable closing force.
- P21 Door/ window ironmongery

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